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  • A welcome to the Cleveland Clinic Certification Program by Gary Heavin, Curves CEO.

    To get started, click Certification Welcome.

  • Embracing Life (EmbracingLife102) teaches the science behind why we behave the way we do and helps you understand the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual basis of how behavior can be changed. It provides the tools needed to help clients get off the diet treadmill by educating them about the effects human behavior has on eating and exercising. 

    To start the Embracing Life course click Embracing Life.

  • Exercise and the Curves Circuit (Exercise103) teaches the basics of anatomy and physiology and how we use principles of strength and conditioning on the Curves Circuit. You will also learn how the Curves Circuit can facilitate healthy change in your members so that they can continue to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

    To start the Exercise and the Curves Circuit course click Exercise and the Curves Circuit.

  • Nutrition and Curves Complete (Nutrition104) teaches the foundations of nutrition science, planning a healthy diet, and how nutrition relates to weight loss. It also covers the details of our unique approach to weight loss and how to coach members through the Curves Complete program.

    To start the Nutrition and Curves Complete course click Nutrition and Curves Complete.

  • You must pass the Post Assessment for all three courses with a score of 70% correct or greater to receive a Certificate of Completion.

    To access the Post Assessments & Certificate click Post Assessments & Certificate.  

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